Thèmes de recherche

• Rural middle classes ; class formations ; theories of class
• Political economy of rural India ; informal labour ; political behaviour of the middle classes
• Rural transformations ; patterns of consumption in rural India ; rural poverty and human development
• Human-environment interaction in rural areas and perceptions of climate change
• Econometrics, research methods

Recherches actuelles

My on-going research project (2017-2018), which is a short-term collaborative research funded by University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia, is an interdisciplinary project that examines the interdependent relationship between village communities in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and the environment, in Vabea village in Fiji. The research will lead to a comparative study, drawing on findings from Fiji with similar field research conducted in villages in western Maharashtra, India. I also have a developing research project on economic liberalisation and the formation of the rural middle classes in northern Tamil Nadu, for which I am currently seeking funding.

Parcours de recherche

I started my academic career as a physicist but then moved to social sciences. I recently completed my doctorate in Economic Sociology at King’s India Institute, King’s College London (2018), under supervision of Barbara Harriss-White and Christophe Jaffrelot. My doctoral research, ‘The Rural Middle Classes in India’, examined the formation of the rural middle classes in the period following economic liberalisation. The doctoral thesis was based on 18 months of fieldwork in two villages in Pune district in western Maharashtra. I developed a theoretical approach to study the rural middle classes, engaging with three major classical theorists of social stratification and class – Marx (theorising the ownership of the means of production), Weber (access to social capital) and Bourdieu (cultural capital). Prior to my doctorate, I graduated from University of Oxford (2013) where I completed a master of science in Contemporary India.

- Articles et chapitres d’ouvrages

Aslany, M. (forthcoming) ‘The Indian Middle Class, Its Size, and Its Urban-Rural Variation’, Contemporary South Asia

Aslany, M. and Toppo, R. (2014) ‘Sino-Indian Boarder Dispute : the impossible settlement, and need for a new framework’, MARG, Science, Technology and Security Forum

In preparation

Aslany, M. (forthcoming) ‘Rural Middle Class Politics’ to be submitted to Modern Asian Studies in July 2018

Aslany, M. (forthcoming) ‘Research Methods for Studying the Rural Middle Classes’ to be submitted to International Journal of Social Research Methodology

Aslany, M. (forthcoming) ‘Marx, Weber and Bourdieu visit Rural India’ to be submitted to European Journal of Social Theory